When we want a two-piece set, we look for a top to match our pants or skirt. If we want formal or easy-breezy one length, we look for gowns or sundresses. But, dresses aren’t the only one-piecer that can rock our wardrobe. Women’s rompers and jumpsuits are the ultimate in full-body fashion. They are a blast from the past with a fresh, contemporary feel. They may be one-piece, but there isn’t just one choice to make. Jumpsuits and rompers can be sleeved, sleeveless, off-the-shoulder, cropped, extra-long, with a tie, without a tie, zip-up, lace-up, elastic, skintight, bare-backed, and more. Rompers are jumpsuits’ shorter sister, but both are downright sexy. Below are highlights of the most flattering jumpsuit and romper looks.


Whether it’s formal or casual, jumpsuits and rompers can fit the occasion. In a nutshell, jumpsuits with drawstrings or elastic and strappy sandals are perfect for casual encounters. And tailored jumpsuits with high heels can suit a more formal affair. Plus, high heels make our legs seem longer and the jumpsuit sleeker. Then, there is the matter with our hair. An up-do with formal, cropped jumpsuits and a low ponytail or soft waves with casual, more shoulder skin-bearing jumpsuits are suitable suggestions. Because of rompers’ shorter style and length, we might give them a whirl in the warmer seasons for concerts, Fourth of July parties, and walking along the beach. But they are no less wearable in the colder months when paired with the right accessories.


Our body types give clues about the jumpsuits that are right for us. We want our bodies to feel comfortable and chic, not imprisoned, by the material. For those on the taller side, wide-leg jumpsuits complement. For those who are shorter, cropped jumpsuits accentuate rather than overwhelm. Regardless of height, jumpsuits with a fitted style at the waist with looser fabric in the legs rarely disappoint.


Rompers and jumpsuits for women may be solid-colored or colorful, but the right accessories make all the difference. Since jumpsuits and rompers are just one-piecers, we may think any accessory will do—a silk neck scarf, a belt, or a long necklace. While anything does go and individual tastes matter, coordination is key. Wearing a belt of another color than your jumpsuit or romper can break up the fabric length. Besides, a belt is always a slimming feature. Let’s remember that a belt doesn’t have to be a leather or metal piece. It can be a scarf or a jacket or anything tied around the waist like a belt. In addition to or in place of a belt, we can add chunky necklaces or earrings. With jumpsuits and romper looks, it’s either go bold or go home.


Jumpsuits and rompers can play well with other clothes. Layering underneath or on top is two options. Adding a jacket or a blazer on top can add warmth and class. Placing a T-shirt or turtleneck underneath can add comfort and casualness. As a side note, an off-the-shoulder top underneath brings the sex appeal. Oh, and we shouldn’t let our rompers get dusty in the winter. We can pair them with a sweater or a jacket and a pair of funky stockings.


While it’s totally fine for us to wear rompers and jumpsuits as they are, it’s totally more fun to crank them up a notch. The extras are what make the outfits our own. We should select our individual looks with confidence. Clearly, jumpsuits and rompers are fashion not meant for the faint of heart.


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