Love gold layering necklaces but are not sure how to style them and need some inspiration to get started? Layering necklaces is the best way to make a statement with jewelry, but it’s not an easy fashion skill to master. Besides, layering necklaces come in so many colors, textures, length, and designs, so there are many options to combine them.

If you want to learn more about layering necklaces trend style, keep reading. This trend is ideal for ladies who want to experiment with their appearance. You’ll find styling tips on how to layer necklaces and skillfully create an on-trend layered look.

Wearing a Layered Necklace: Top Tips

Layering is the art of overlapping pieces of jewelry on your neck that involves combining several chains of different metals, lengths, and designs to create a unique composition that looks pretty on almost any outfit. You can also wear pre-made layered necklaces and use them as a base to create your own combinations. Your goal is to get a final result that looks as if it took you only seconds to put it together.

Sterling Silver 35 Inch Tahitian Pearl Necklace


80 Inch White Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace


80 Inch Grey Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace


Sterling Silver White Pearl & White Sapphire Necklace


80 Inch Round White Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace


Moving Necklace With Black Circle Embellishment


Multicolor Pearl 18 Inch Sterling Silver Necklace

Sterling Silver 3-Strand White Pearl Necklace

Ladies Pave Set 3D Heart Toggle Necklace


Pink Collar Statement Necklace & Earring Set


Stainless Steel Three Tone Glitter Ball Necklace


18 Inch Sterling Silver Black Coin Pearl Necklace


Classic 18 Inch Grey Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace


14 Karat Yellow Gold Twisted Ribbon Bar Necklace


2 Black Fresh Water Pearls On A Genuine Sterling Silver 17 Inch Necklace

Stainless Steel 5mm Flat Rolo Multi Strand Chain


Things to Consider When You Want to Wear a Multiple Layer Necklace

Want to layer necklaces effortlessly and stylishly? Keep these things in mind.

Choose your style. If you prefer a minimalist look, you can keep all chains in a layered necklace similar in look, for example, 3 different herringbone chains. If you prefer a trendier look, wear several different styles of necklaces. You can also wear chains of different sizes to create a more high-end look.

Wear chains of different length. It’s best to combine long layered necklaces with medium-length necklaces and wear one or two that sit near your collarbone. Graduating lengths will draw an eye and are sure to make a statement.

Keep the scales different. Pair a delicate chain with a thick chunky necklace. A good idea is to add a bead necklace or a raw pearl necklace there too.

You can also create layers by thickness, wearing several bold chunky chains that are all the same length. If you want to mix it all up, you can add a classic coin pendant necklace.

Want to be bold and on-trend? Choose chains with different weights and textures: snake, rope, cable, bead, etc. Piling up pieces different in length and style, you’ll add personality to your style and make it unique.

If you prefer a bohemian style, add some beaded long layered necklaces with animal elements or tassel pendants. Wear a seashell necklace with dainty gold necklaces and pendants. Try mixing metals with fabric, beads, yarn, and leather for the ultimate boho layering look.

Feel overwhelmed with the options you can create with must-have necklaces in your jewelry box? Wear a pre-made layering necklace set that will cost less and will allow you to avoid knots and tangles.

It’s best to wear this style with simple clothes without any additional embellishments. For example, you can wear a white blouse open in the front. Choose clothes with deep necklines, such as V-shaped, cowl, scoop, and square because you need some space to show your necklaces.

Pearl Bead Link Statement Necklace & Earring Set


Layered Multistrand Necklace & Earring Set


Turquoise Multistrand Natural Bead Necklace


Pastel Chunky Statement Necklace & Earring Set


Sterling Silver White Coin Pearl Necklace


Sterling Silver Created Amethyst BFlower Necklace 


Stainless Steel Chocolate Mesh Lariat Necklace

Black & White Bubble Necklace & Earring Set

3D Pave Set Heart Silvertone Necklace, Bracelet And Earring


Sterling Silver Heart Tag Necklace


14K Gold Bonded Ladies Circle Of Beauty Necklace


14 Karat White Gold Diamond Tennis Necklace

New Beginnings Multi-Charm Layered Necklace


Crescent Moon Multi-Charm Layered Necklace

44 Inch Polished Sterling Silver Circle Necklace

32 Inch Polished Sterling Silver Necklace

How to Wear Long Necklaces

Long necklaces can add flair, interest, and dimension to any otherwise simple look. But how to wear long necklaces to show them in their best light? Long necklaces are statement pieces that always look very chic, so they are best worn on occasions like a party or an evening event. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them with casual clothes or a simple white shirt and jeans. And long necklaces with a pendant are appropriate for working environments.

In fact, long-necklaces can be worn with practically any outfit, although there are some rules that you should follow.

  • Just pair this accessory with basic clothes and you are good to go. Go for an understated jumper or T-shirt, a tunic or a dress, a plain vest top or a blouse. Simple clothes will help showcase the necklace’s design.
  • Avoid wearing long necklaces with long clothes because long lines work better when contrasted with shorter pieces, such as short skirts and flowy tops or blouses, tank tops and jeans.
  • Choose the right collar or neckline. Opt for V-necks, round necks, or boat necks without any embellishments.
  •  It’s not easy to find matching earrings to make a long necklace work with them, so you should avoid wearing earrings.

We’ve provided you with tips on how to wear multiple necklaces and style them like a skilled fashionista. Use them to build your own layered look that speaks for itself and shows off your personality. If you are looking for tips on how to create perfect outfits for different occasions, check out this article to learn What to Wear to the Ballet and look elegant and stylish.


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