Fall is a sweater season and a great time to practice your layering skills. When colder days have arrived, you can still wear light summer dresses with sweaters. Putting a warm sweater over dress makes a stylish combination and allows you to wear a summer dress that might otherwise be too chilly to wear.

Layering sweaters over dresses is a great way to transition to the new colder season and make better use of the clothes you already own. The idea is to wear a dress and sweater in a way that makes it look like a skirt. It’s an easy way to use all your summer dresses and create new looks that will brighten up dark and gloomy cold days.

Here are some quick tips on how to wear sweaters over dresses when the weather gets cold and look stylish.

Sweaters to Wear with Dresses

While styles of sweaters for women change only subtly from year to year, there are plenty of ways you can style your sweater for a colder season. Speaking about what to wear under a sweater, we should admit it may be tempting to pair chunky knits with jeans, cozy pants, or leggings, but if you combine too many slouchy pieces, it can look sloppy. So it’s better to pair oversized sweaters with some structured pieces. Wearing a dress with sweater over it, you can create an interesting contrast that looks sophisticated and sleek.

So what are the best types of sweaters to wear with dresses? Since there are tons of ways to wear sweaters with dresses, you can probably find the perfect combination for every type of dress or sweater that is in your closet right now. Still, an oversize knit is the preferable model when you want to find a suitable sweater to wear over dress. You can pair it with a silky midi dress or flowy floral mini dress, and both combinations will look great.

How to Wear a Sweater over a Dress

Most women put away summer clothes because they believe that they will not need it in winter. But you can comfortably wear dresses and sweater and add other items, such as a cap, a classic coat, a jacket, or a long blazer, depending on your mood and the weather. So how to wear a sweater over a dress in a fashionable way?

It’s easy. Just take any sweater and put it over any dress. For example, you can wear a loose-fitted sweater with a dress that has very feminine details like lace, florals, or silk.

A great way to create a dress and sweater combo is to put your favorite sweater over a dress and add a thin belt of the similar color over the top. Then you should blouse the sweater to make the belt not visible.

You can also sweaters with dresses to look like sweaters and skirts combination. For example, you can pair a crop top sweater and a maxi dress. If you don’t have a crop top sweater, you can make a long, loose sweater look shorter by tying it together using a hair tie to create a little ‘tail” in the front. Then you should tuck the tail underneath.

If you want to play with proportions, you can pair an oversized sweater with a simple mini dress. It’s another unexpected way to make your outfit undeniably cool. It’s a great way to dress stylish in cold and be super sexy.

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