A white dress is a summer wardrobe staple, but it needs a smooth and flawless appearance underneath, and it can work well only with the right lingerie. Your first instinct may be to wear white underneath white, but that’s a mistake. Opting for white undergarments under a white dress can be just as revealing as wearing bright pink or black underwear. So, no white under white.

When it comes to wearing a white dress, it’s best to stick to nude underwear that will blend with your skin and will become invisible. You should choose a specific shade of nude that is close to your natural skin tone. This way, you can achieve a perfect, “nude” effect under your clothes, and it won’t show through.

But the right color is not the only thing that matters. Stick to simple lines without a lot of texture – choose seamless underwear for a smoother look, and smooth shapewear. Scroll down to see what to wear under the white dress.


Kitten Heel Pumps

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